CA Gov't Code Section 75050


Upon the legal separation or dissolution of marriage of a member, the court shall include in the judgment or a court order the date on which the parties separated.


If the court orders the division of the community property interest in the system pursuant to paragraph (3) of subdivision (a) of Section 2610 of the Family Code, the accumulated contributions and service credit attributable to periods of service during the marriage shall be divided into two separate and distinct accounts in the name of the member and nonmember, respectively. Any service credit or accumulated contributions which are not explicitly awarded by the judgment or court order shall be deemed the exclusive property of the member.


Upon receipt of the court order separating the account of the member and the nonmember pursuant to this section, the board shall determine the rights of the nonmember, taking into consideration the court order and the account of the member. These rights may include the following:


The right to a retirement allowance.


The right to a refund of accumulated retirement contributions.


The right to redeposit accumulated contributions which are eligible for redeposit by the member under Section 75028.5.


The right to purchase service credit which is eligible for purchase by the member under Sections 75029 to 75030.5.


The right to designate a beneficiary to receive his or her accumulated contributions payable where death occurs prior to retirement.


The right to designate a beneficiary for any unpaid allowance payable at the time of the nonmember’s death.


In the capacity of nonmember, the nonmember shall not be entitled to any disability retirement allowance.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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