CA Gov't Code Section 7465

For the purposes of this chapter:


The term “financial institution” includes state and national banks, state and federal savings associations, trust companies, industrial loan companies, and state and federal credit unions. Such term shall not include a title insurer while engaging in the conduct of the “business of title insurance” as defined by Section 12340.3 of the Insurance Code, an underwritten title company, or an escrow company.


The term “financial records” means any original or any copy of any record or document held by a financial institution pertaining to a customer of the financial institution.


The term “person” means an individual, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, association, trust, or any other legal entity.


The term “customer” means any person who has transacted business with or has used the services of a financial institution or for whom a financial institution has acted as a fiduciary.


The term “state agency” means every state office, officer, department, division, bureau, board, and commission or other state agency, including the Legislature.


The term “local agency” includes a county; city, whether general law or chartered; city and county; school district; municipal corporation; district; political subdivision; or any board, commission or agency thereof; or other local public agency.


The term “supervisory agency” means any of the following:


The Department of Business Oversight.


The Controller.


The Administrator of Local Agency Security.


The Bureau of Real Estate.


The Department of Insurance.


The term “investigation” includes, but is not limited to, any inquiry by a peace officer, sheriff, or district attorney, or any inquiry made for the purpose of determining whether there has been a violation of any law enforceable by imprisonment, fine, or monetary liability.


The term “subpoena” includes subpoena duces tecum.
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