CA Gov't Code Section 7295.4

Whenever a state agency finds that the factors listed in both subdivisions (a) and (c) or (b) and (c) exist, it shall distribute the applicable written materials in the appropriate non-English language through its statewide and local offices or facilities to non-English-speaking persons, or, as an alternative, the state agency may instead elect to furnish translation aids, translation guides, or provide assistance, through use of a qualified bilingual person, at its statewide and local offices or facilities in completing English forms or questionnaires and in understanding English forms, letters, or notices:


The written materials, whether forms, applications, questionnaires, letters, or notices solicit or require the furnishing of information from an individual or provide that individual with information.


The information solicited, required, or furnished affects or may affect the individual’s rights, duties, or privileges with regard to that agency’s services or benefits.


The statewide or local office or facility of the agency with which the individual is dealing, serves a substantial number of non-English-speaking persons.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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