CA Gov't Code Section 7277


The requirement to provide relocation assistance and benefits imposed by this chapter shall not apply to a purchase of property which is offered for sale by the owner, property being sold at execution or foreclosure sale, or property being sold pursuant to court order or under court supervision if the property in any of the foregoing situations is either occupied by the owner or is unoccupied, and if the offer for sale is not induced by public entity disposition, planned condemnation, or redevelopment of surrounding lands, and if the sales price is fair market value or less, as determined by a qualified appraiser, and if no federal funds are involved in the acquisition, construction, or project development. “Offered for sale” means either advertised for sale in a publication of general circulation published at least once a week or listed with a licensed real estate broker and published in a multiple listing, pursuant to Section 1087 of the Civil Code.


At the time of making an offer to acquire property under subdivision (a), public entities shall notify the property owner in writing, of the following:


The public entity’s plans for developing the property to be acquired or the surrounding property.


Any relocation assistance and benefits provided pursuant to state law which the property owner may be forgoing.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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