California Government Code

Sec. § 70395


Notwithstanding any other law, the Judicial Council may sell the property, at fair market value and upon the terms and conditions and subject to the reservations the Judicial Council deems in the best interests of the state, if all of the following requirements are satisfied:


The sale complies with Section 70391 of the Government Code, as applicable.


The Judicial Council consults with the County of Los Angeles concerning the sale of the property.


The Judicial Council offers the County of Los Angeles the right to purchase the property at fair market value before otherwise offering the property for sale.


Notwithstanding any other law, the net proceeds from the sale of the property shall be deposited into the Immediate and Critical Needs Account of the State Court Facilities Construction Fund, established by Section 70371.5 of the Government Code.


For purposes of this act, “property” means the San Pedro superior courthouse located at 505 South Centre Street, in the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles, Assessor Parcel Number 7455-013-901.


The disposition of the property authorized in this section does not constitute a sale or other disposition of surplus state property within the meaning of Section 9 of Article III of the California Constitution and shall not be subject to subdivision (g) of Section 11011 of the Government Code.

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