California Government Code

Sec. § 70368

The county shall initially compute a separate county facilities payment for each building containing court facilities whose responsibility is transferred to the Judicial Council using the proposed date of transfer of responsibility for those court facilities as the date for computing inflation under Sections 70356, 70357, and 70358. The county’s responsibility for the county facilities payment for those facilities commences upon the actual date of transfer of responsibility for those facilities. If the actual date of transfer of responsibility for a facility is different than the proposed date of transfer, upon which the county facilities payment is calculated, the Administrative Office of the Courts shall adjust the amount of the county facilities payment by applying the inflation index figures for that county for the actual date of transfer, as provided in Section 70362, to the approved county facilities payment. The amount of any county facilities payment that takes effect after the beginning of a fiscal year shall be prorated for the amount remaining in that fiscal year. In no event shall a county have any responsibility for a court facility payment prior to the effective date of the transfer of responsibility for a facility.

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