California Government Code

Sec. § 70344


The entity holding title to a shared use building, except a third-party lessor, shall not transfer any right to a third party of the part of the building used by the other entity or place further bonded indebtedness on it, except as already required by operation of the legal documentation related to bonded indebtedness or as agreed to by the Judicial Council and the county, if the result of the action would be a further delay in transfer of title to the building to the other party pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 70325.


If either the court or the county occupies 80 percent or more of a shared use building, the Judicial Council, on behalf of the court, or the county may require the other entity to vacate the building. The entity vacating the building shall be given reasonable notice and shall be compensated by the other entity for its equity in the facility and for relocation costs at the fair market rate.


Except as provided in subdivision (b), if the court or the Judicial Council is required to vacate a shared use building owned by the county, in whole or in part, the county shall provide the court or the Judicial Council with suitable and necessary facilities at least equal to those previously occupied by the court. The failure of the county to provide those facilities shall make the county responsible to the court under Section 70311 for the facilities not provided.

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