California Government Code

Sec. § 70329


Title to a historical building containing court facilities may not be transferred to the state without the express consent of the county’s board of supervisors.


If title to a historical building containing court facilities is not transferred to the state, the county may still be relieved of its responsibility to fund court facilities under Section 70312 if the county as part of its agreement under this article either:


Makes the court facilities within the historical building available to the Judicial Council for court use.


Provides, with the consent of the Judicial Council, alternative court facilities of at least comparable size, condition, and utility.


Court facilities provided under this section shall meet all requirements for transfer of court facilities under this chapter, and the court and the Judicial Council shall have all the rights to that building that they have under this chapter to other court facilities whose responsibility is transferred to the Judicial Council.


A county shall not prevent a court from using court facilities traditionally used by that court in a historical building, except with the consent of the Administrative Director of the Courts.

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