California Government Code

Sec. § 70326


Except as provided in this section, the agreement may not require any payment from the county to the state for any deficiencies in the court facilities being transferred caused by deferred maintenance.


A building and the court facilities in it shall be deemed deficient if any of the following exist:


A deficiency or deficiencies that constitute a significant threat to life, safety, or health.


A deficiency or deficiencies that include seismically hazardous conditions with an unacceptable seismic safety rating.


Deficiencies that in their totality are significant to the functionality of the facility.


Neither title to a deficient building nor responsibility for the court facilities in that building shall transfer to the state or the Judicial Council under this chapter, and Section 70312 does not apply to the court facilities in a deficient building, unless provision is made in the agreement for correction of the deficient items.


If one or more phases of a maintenance project are pending on the court facilities prior to the date of the agreement under this article, the agreement shall specify whether the county shall complete those phases of the project, to the extent approved, or shall transfer funds to the state to permit completion of those phases of the project. As used in this section, a phase of a project is to be deemed pending to the extent that the board of supervisors has either approved the phase in whole or in part at a board of supervisors meeting, and either allocated or appropriated money for the phase in whole or in part, or executed a contract for the phase in whole or in part.

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