CA Gov't Code Section 70130


In a county with a population of over 205,000 and not over 225,000 as determined by the 1970 federal decennial census, within which there is located a facility of the Department of Corrections of the State of California, each full-time official reporter shall receive a salary recommended by the superior court and approved by the board of supervisors.
Any appointee to an official reporter position shall be compensated at the first step and advance to each higher step upon completion of each year of service. Upon the recommendation of the superior court and approval of the board of supervisors, official reporters may be employed at or may be granted a special step increase to any step within the salary range on the basis of experience or qualifications.


The compensation for each official reporter pro tempore shall be the equivalent of the daily wage of the third step in the salary range for full-time official reporters for each day he actually is on duty under order of the court.


In addition to the compensation provided in this article, each full-time reporter of the superior court shall be entitled to, and shall receive, the same vacation, sick leave, and similar privileges and benefits as are now, or may hereafter be provided for the employees of the County of Marin, including the right to participate in any group, accident, health or life insurance plan adopted by the board of supervisors of the county.


Until such time as the salaries of full-time official reporters and official reporters pro tempore are approved by the board of supervisors pursuant to subdivision (a), such reporters shall receive the salaries in effect immediately prior to the effective date of the amendments to this section enacted by the Legislature at its 1975–76 Regular Session.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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