CA Gov't Code Section 70059.9

In San Luis Obispo County, each regular official reporter shall be paid a monthly salary which shall be recommended by the superior court and approved by the board of supervisors. This salary shall include payment for services in reporting all proceedings in the superior court, before the grand jury, and before coroner’s inquests. The initial hiring rate for each position shall be step 1, provided, however, that the judges of the court may appoint a reporter at a higher step if such person has the experience and qualifications to entitle that individual to appointment at a higher initial step. Step advancement from step 1 to step 2 may be granted following completion of six full months of service in the position. Thereafter, a person may advance to each succeeding step upon completion of a 12-month period of full-time service at the previous step. All step advancements pursuant to this section shall be determined by the judges of the court. In addition to the duties required by the provisions of this section, and notwithstanding the provisions of Section 69956, regular official reporters, when not actually engaged in the performance of other lawfully imposed duties, shall, at no additional compensation, render stenographic or clerical assistance or both, to the superior court as may be directed by the presiding judge.
Reporters pro tem shall be paid at a per diem rate of seventy-six dollars ($76) for the days they are actually on duty under order of the court, and shall receive from the county their necessary travel and other expenses when necessarily called from other counties. Rates of compensation of official reporters pro tem may be adjusted by approval of the board of supervisors upon the recommendation of a majority of the judges of the court.
Each official court reporter shall be an attaché of the superior court and shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing judges, but shall be entitled to the same benefits and privileges respecting retirement, group insurance, social security, vacation, sick leave and other fringe benefits which are provided to county employees.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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