CA Gov't Code Section 70059.8


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, including but not limited to Sections 70040, 70041, 70042, and 70045, the following provisions shall be applicable to the official court reporters in Solano County.


Regular official court reporters shall report all criminal and civil proceedings in their respective courts; all juvenile proceedings, other than those heard by referees or traffic officers when official reporters are unavailable; grand jury proceedings, coroner’s inquests, and proceedings before the county board of equalization. When not engaged in the performance of other duties imposed upon him or her by law, each reporter shall render such assistance as may be required in any other court of the county to which he or she may be assigned, and perform such other verbatim reporting services as may be required such as, but not limited to, public hearings and depositions. During hours in which the court is open for the transaction of judicial business, official reporters shall devote full time to the performance of regular duties and shall not engage in any other employment in their professional capacity.


In Solano County the annual salary of each official court reporter shall be based on a regular five-step plan as established by joint action and approval of the board of supervisors and a majority of the judges of the court.


For all transcripts incident to reporting services, each reporter shall receive the fees provided for in Article 9 (commencing with Section 69941) of this chapter. The initial hiring rate for each position shall be step 1, provided that the judges may appoint any such reporter at a higher initial step if, in the opinion of the majority of judges, an individual to be appointed has such experience and qualifications as to entitle him or her to such higher initial step.


A regular official court reporter shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing judge, but shall be entitled to the same benefits and privileges respecting longevity, service credits, cost-of-living or other general pay increases, retirement, vacation, sick leave and group insurance which are provided other employees of the county. Court reporters shall be entitled to any increases provided other employees of the county respecting longevity, service credits, cost-of-living or general pay increases, retirement, vacation, sick leave and group insurance, but such increases shall be on an interim basis and remain in effect only until January 1, 1990, unless ratified by statute by the Legislature prior to that date.


Judges of the court may appoint as many official reporters pro tempore as the business of the court requires. They shall be unsalaried but shall receive the fees provided by Article 9 of this chapter, which fees, upon order of the court, shall be a proper charge against the general fund of the county.
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