CA Gov't Code Section 70045.77

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, including, but not limited to, Sections 70040, 70041, 70042, and 70045, the following provisions shall be applicable to the full-time official court reporters, if any, in El Dorado County:


The regular full-time official court reporters shall perform the following duties:


Report all criminal proceedings.


Report all civil commitment proceedings and all contempt proceedings.


Report all juvenile proceedings, other than those heard by a juvenile court referee or traffic hearing officer.


Report all family law proceedings.


Report all civil jury trials.


Report all hearings on petitions for extraordinary relief, including, but not limited to, proceedings for injunctions, mandate, prohibition, certiorari, review, habeas corpus, and coram nobis.


Report all proceedings of the grand jury when requested by the foreman, or by the district attorney or by the county counsel.


Report any other court proceedings when a party requests a court reporter in accordance with rules of the court.


Report the preliminary examination of those accused of crimes before magistrates within El Dorado County.


Report coroner’s inquests when requested by the coroner.


Report proceedings for the El Dorado County Board of Equalization when requested by the board.


The regular full-time official court reporter shall be compensated at a range recommended by the judges of the superior court and approved by the board of supervisors by ordinance or resolution.
The foregoing salary is for compensation for reporting services in the superior court under subdivision (a) of this section. For all transcriptions incident to reporting services, each reporter shall receive the fees provided for in Article 9 (commencing with Section 69941) of this chapter.
The regular full-time official court reporters shall be entitled to the same privileges with respect to retirement, vacation, sick leave, and group insurance, which either now or hereafter may be provided by ordinance to other employees of the county.


When the regular full-time official court reporters are occupied in the performance of their duties and services pursuant to the provisions of subdivision (a), the judge or judges of the superior court may appoint as many additional official court reporters, who shall be known as official reporters pro tempore, as the business of the courts may require in order that the judicial business of the court in such county may be carried on without delay. They shall be paid in accordance with the per diem, transcription, and other fee provisions of Article 9 (commencing with Section 69941) of this chapter. Such per diem, traveling and other expenses, and the fees chargeable to the county under the terms of these provisions shall be a proper county charge.
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