CA Gov't Code Section 70045.6


In Kern County each regular reporter shall be paid the biweekly salary specified in range 52.4 of the salary schedule. The court reporter shall be paid biweekly pursuant to the payroll procedures in effect in the County of Kern.


Beginning January 1, 1980, the board of supervisors may adjust the salary of each regular official reporter as part of its county employee compensation plan. Any adjustment to reporter salaries shall be effective on the same date as the effective date of the board’s action to adjust compensation of other county employees. Any adjustment shall be effective only until January 1 of the second year following the year in which the adjustment is made, unless ratified by the Legislature.


In addition to the compensation provided for in this section, each regular official reporter shall be entitled to and shall receive, on the same basis as other county employees, the same benefits and privileges with respect to retirement, group insurance, sick leave, and vacations. Court reporters shall observe the same holidays as other court employees. For the purposes of determining participation in the county retirement system, the salary provided for such reporters in this section shall be deemed their entire compensation.


Each pro tempore official reporter shall be paid one hundred fifty dollars ($150) a day for the days he or she is actually on duty under order of the court.
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