California Government Code

Sec. § 68661.1


The center may represent a person sentenced to death on a federal habeas corpus petition if and only if (1) the center was appointed to represent that person on state habeas corpus, (2) the center is appointed for that purpose by the federal court, and (3) the executive director determines that compensation from the federal court will fully cover the cost of representation. Neither the center nor any other person or entity receiving state funds shall spend state funds to attack in federal court any judgment of a California court in a capital case, other than review in the Supreme Court pursuant to Section 1257 of Title 28 of the United States Code.


The center is not authorized to represent any person in any action other than habeas corpus which constitutes a collateral attack on the judgment or seeks to delay or prevent its execution. The center shall not engage in any other litigation or expend funds in any form of advocacy other than as expressly authorized by this section or Section 68661.

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Jun. 6, 2016