CA Gov't Code Section 68525


The board of supervisors of each county may require each official reporter and official temporary reporter to:


Maintain records of transcript production and related income and expenses for inspection and auditing.


Submit annual reports derived from the records, with a verification of their accuracy.


The reports shall be submitted in sealed envelopes to a designated official and shall be reviewed only by those persons having authority to inspect and audit the records and reports. The records and reports of each reporter shall be confidential and shall be reviewed only to derive composite data for setting a base salary for the official reporters and official temporary reporters of each court. The composite data shall be a matter of public record.


Each such annual report shall include the following information:


The quantity and types of transcripts prepared by the official reporters and official reporters pro tempore during the reporting period.


The fees charged and the fees collected for such transcripts.


Expenses incurred by the reporters in connection with the preparation of such transcripts.


The amount of time the reporters have spent in attendance upon the courts for the purpose of reporting proceedings, and the compensation received for this purpose.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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