CA Gov't Code Section 68511.7


Prior to adopting a baseline budget plan for the fiscal year, each trial court shall provide the public notice of, and an opportunity for input on, the trial court’s proposed budget plan, consistent with the requirements of this section.


The court shall allow public input by the submission of written comments or by holding a public hearing on the trial court’s proposed baseline budget plan. Any public hearing shall be conducted in a place reasonably accessible to the residents of the county in which the court is located, and allow for public comment. The court may conduct the public hearing at the courthouse in that county.


(1)Prior to conducting a public hearing, the court shall make the proposed baseline budget plan available to the public and provide notice of the hearing date, time, and location, and the opportunity to submit written comments. Notice of the hearing and the opportunity to submit comments shall be by conspicuous posting within or about the court’s facilities, on the court’s public Internet Web site, and by electronic distribution to individuals that have subscribed to the court’s electronic distribution service. The notice shall be posted not less than 10 court days prior to the date of the hearing.


The baseline budget plan shall be made available to the public at the courthouse and on the court’s public Internet Web site no less than three court days prior to the hearing or, if there is no hearing, adoption of the plan.


This section shall not be construed to obligate courts to provide responses to the comments presented at the public hearing or to written comments received.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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