California Government Code

Sec. § 67840


The board shall prepare, adopt, review, revise from time to time, and maintain a plan, that complies with Section 65302 and federal requirements, for the future use and development of the territory occupied by the military base, and a five-year capital improvement program prepared and adopted pursuant to Section 65403 that indicates basewide facilities and local facilities. The adopted plan shall be the official local plan for the reuse of the base for all public purposes, including all discussions with federal agencies, and for purposes of planning, design, and funding by all state agencies.


The authority reuse plan may provide for development to occur in phases, with criteria concerning public facility development and other factors that must be satisfied within each time phase.


In preparing, adopting, reviewing, and revising the reuse plan, the board shall be consistent with approved coastal plans, air quality plans, water quality plans, spheres of influence, and other countywide or regional plans required by federal or state law, other than local general plans, including any amendments subsequent to the enactment of this title, and shall consider related local general plans.

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