California Government Code

Sec. § 66957

Moneys in the fund shall be available for expenditure in accordance with this title by a new or existing federal, state, regional, or local agency, or any combination thereof, to be designated by statute in accordance with the recommendations of the Tahoe Area Land Acquisition Commission. If no such agency is designated by July 1, 1984, moneys in the funds shall be available for expenditure in accordance with this title by the California Tahoe Conservancy Agency. Moneys in the fund shall be available for expenditure for the following purposes:


For the acquisition of undeveloped lands threatened with development that will adversely affect the region’s natural environment; will adversely affect the use, management, or protection of public lands in the vicinity of the development; or will have a combination of those effects. In particular, preference shall be given to the acquisition of undeveloped lands within stream environment zones and other undeveloped lands that, if developed, would be likely to erode or contribute to the further eutrophication or degradation of the waters of the region due to that or other causes. “Stream environment zone” means that area which surrounds a stream, including major streams, minor streams, and drainage ways; which owes its biological and physical characteristics to the presence of water; which may be inundated by a stream; or in which actions of man or nature may directly or indirectly affect the stream. A stream includes small lakes, ponds, and marshy areas through which the stream flows. Acquisitions made pursuant to this subdivision are not intended to replace, wholly or partially, the exercise of any authority conferred by law for the protection of the region’s natural environment, including stream environment zones, or the protection of public lands and resources. Accordingly, every public official or agency responsible for the administration or enforcement of any law having any of those purposes shall continue to administer or enforce that law with respect to lands acquired pursuant to this title, notwithstanding the making of any acquisition pursuant to this subdivision.


For the acquisition of undeveloped lands whose primary use will be public lakeshore access, preservation of riparian or littoral wildlife habitat, or recreation, or a combination thereof.


For the acquisition of undeveloped lands that do not satisfy the requirements of either subdivision (a) or (b) but which, if acquired, would facilitate one or both of the following:


Consolidation of lands for their more effective management as a unit.


Provision of public access to other public lands.
As used in this section, “undeveloped land” includes land that has been subdivided and improved with streets and utilities, but does not have structures other than those related to such streets and utilities.
Moneys in the fund shall not be used to acquire land which has been designated and authorized for purchase by the United States Forest Service.

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