California Government Code

Sec. § 66951

It is found and declared that:


The waters of Lake Tahoe and other resources of the region are threatened with deterioration or degeneration which endangers the natural beauty and economic productivity of the region.


The state and federal interests and investments in the region are substantial.


The region exhibits unique state and national environmental and ecological values which are irreplaceable.


By virtue of the special conditions and circumstances of the region’s natural ecology, developmental pattern, population distribution, and human needs, the region is experiencing problems of resource use and deficiencies of environmental control.


Increasing urbanization is threatening the ecological values of the region and threatening the public opportunities for use of the public lands.


Maintenance of the social and economic health of the region depends on maintaining the significant scenic, recreational, educational, scientific, natural, and public health values provided by the Lake Tahoe Basin.


There is a state and national interest in protecting, preserving, and enhancing these values for the residents of the region and for visitors to the region.

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Jun. 6, 2016