California Government Code

Sec. § 66703.7


Not later than six months after the date of the board’s first meeting described in subdivision (a) of Section 66703.6, the board shall convene a Bay Restoration Advisory Committee to assist and advise the board in carrying out the functions of the board. The advisory committee shall meet on a regular basis.


The membership of the advisory committee shall be determined by the authority based upon criteria that provide a broad representation of community and agency interests within the authority’s jurisdiction over the restoration of wetland areas in the San Francisco Bay and along its shoreline. The membership of the advisory committee may include, but is not limited to, representatives from the following:


The Department of Fish and Game.


The State Coastal Conservancy.


The San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex operated by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.


Open space and park districts that own or operate shoreline parcels in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board.


The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission.


The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture Management Board.


The San Francisco Bay Trail Project.


The San Francisco Estuary Project.


Nongovernmental organizations working to restore, protect, and enhance San Francisco Bay wetlands and wildlife habitat.


Members of the public from bayside cities and counties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Jun. 6, 2016