California Government Code

Sec. § 66651

Pursuant to this title the commission has adopted and submitted to the Governor and the Legislature the San Francisco Bay Plan, a comprehensive plan containing statements and maps concerning the following:


The summary and objectives of the plan.


The bay, as a resource, including findings and policies upon: fish and wildlife; water quality; smog and weather; water surface, area, and volume; marshes and mudflats; fresh water inflow; dredging; and shell deposits.


The development of the bay and shoreline, including findings and policies upon: economic and population growth; safety of fills; water-related industries; ports; commercial fishing; airports; recreation; saltponds and other managed wetlands; transportation; other uses of the bay and shoreline; refuse disposal sites; public access; appearance, design, and scenic views.


The implementation provisions in the section on carrying out the plan.
This plan and any amendments thereto shall constitute the plan for the commission to use to establish policies for reviewing and acting on projects until otherwise ordered by the Legislature.
The plan may contain or incorporate by reference special area plans with more specific findings and policies for portions of the bay and its shoreline and other plans addressing special needs, such as seaports.
Any change to the plan shall be made exclusively in accordance with the procedures described in Section 66652 and any regulations the commission may adopt to implement Section 66652.

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