California Government Code

Sec. § 66540.46


The authority may borrow money in anticipation of the sale of any bonds that have been authorized to be issued, but have not been sold and delivered, and may issue negotiable bond anticipation notes therefor, and may renew the bond anticipation notes from time to time, but the maximum maturity of any bond anticipation notes, including the renewals thereof, may not exceed five years from the date of delivery of the original bond anticipation notes. The bond anticipation notes may be paid from any money of the authority available therefor and not otherwise pledged.


If not previously otherwise paid, the bond anticipation notes shall be paid from the proceeds of the next sale of the bonds of the authority in anticipation of which they were issued. The bond anticipation notes may not be issued in any amount in excess of the aggregate amount of bonds that the authority has been authorized to issue, less the amount of any bonds of the authorized issue previously sold, and also less the amount of other bond anticipation notes therefore issued and then outstanding. The bond anticipation notes shall be issued and sold in the same manner as the bonds. The bond anticipation notes and the resolution or resolutions authorizing them may contain any provisions, conditions, or limitations that a resolution of the authority authorizing the issuance of bonds may contain.


Exclusively for the purpose of securing financing or refinancing for any of the purposes permitted by this title through the issuance of bonds, notes, or other obligations, including certificates of participation, by a joint powers authority, and, notwithstanding any other provision contained in this title or any other law, the authority may borrow money or purchase or lease property from a joint powers authority and, in connection therewith, may sell or lease property to the joint powers authority, in each case at the interest rate or rates, maturity date or dates, installment payment or rental provisions, security, pledge of revenues and other assets, covenants to increase rates and charges, default, remedy, and other terms or provisions as may be specified in the installment sale, lease, loan, loan purchase, or other agreement or agreements between the authority and the joint powers authority. The authority may enter into any liquidity or credit agreement it may deem necessary or appropriate in connection with any financing or refinancing authorized by this section. This section provides a complete, additional, and alternative method of performing the acts authorized by this section, and the borrowing of money, incurring indebtedness, sale, purchase, or lease of property from or to a joint powers authority, and any agreement for liquidity or credit enhancement entered into in connection therewith, pursuant to this section, need not comply with the requirements of any other law applicable to borrowing, incurring indebtedness, sale, purchase, lease, or credit except for compliance with this section.

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