California Government Code

Sec. § 66535


Not later than July 1, 2003, the commission shall establish performance measurement criteria on both a project and corridor level to evaluate all new transportation projects and programs (investments) that have not yet been identified as “Track One Investments” in the 2002 regional transportation plan. These performance measures shall apply to proposed projects, and the impact those projects will have on their respective corridors. The commission shall utilize these performance measurements to evaluate and prioritize alternative transportation investments in order to meet the goals and objectives for each corridor for inclusion in the 2004 regional transportation plan.


The commission shall adopt goals and measurable objectives for planning corridors and subcorridors delineated by the commission. These goals and objectives shall be compatible and consistent with the requirements of the performance measurement criteria established by the commission pursuant to subdivision (a) for inclusion in the 2004 regional transportation plan.


Any costs associated with this section incurred by the commission shall be paid solely from funds provided pursuant to Section 99233.2 of the Public Utilities Code. If there is insufficient funding from this source, the commission is not required to perform the functions described in this section.

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