California Government Code

Sec. § 66498.8


On or before January 1, 1986, a city, county, or city and county shall adopt ordinances or resolutions necessary or appropriate for the implementation of this chapter.


If a city, county, or city and county receives a written request to implement this chapter, it shall adopt any ordinances or resolutions it determines necessary or appropriate to implement this chapter. The city, county, or city and county shall adopt the ordinances or resolutions not more than 120 days from the date the request is made and any fee is paid to cover the direct expenses the city, county, or city and county determines it will incur in processing the ordinances or resolutions. The city, county, or city and county may arrange, with the person making the request, to collect fees from subdividers filing vesting tentative maps and to reimburse the person requesting the ordinance or resolution for any costs so advanced by that person.


The local agency may charge subdividers who file vesting tentative maps a fee in an amount sufficient to recover the direct costs associated with establishing and adopting ordinances or resolutions pursuant to subdivision (a) or (b).


No ordinances or resolutions adopted pursuant to subdivision (a) may require more information than that related to ordinances, resolutions, policies, or standards for the design, development, or improvement relating to the conferred rights, except where necessary:


To permit the public agency to make the determination required by Section 21080.1 of the Public Resources Code, as provided by Section 65941.


To comply with federal or state requirements.

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