CA Gov't Code Section 65893


The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:


Wind energy is an abundant, renewable, and nonpolluting energy resource.


Wind energy, when converted to electricity, reduces our dependence on nonrenewable energy resources, reduces air and water pollution that result from conventional sources burning fossil fuels, and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases.


Distributed generation small wind energy systems also enhance the reliability and quality of electricity delivered by the electrical grid, reduce peak power demands, increase in-state electricity generation, diversify the state’s energy supply portfolio, and make the electricity supply market more competitive by promoting consumer choice.


Small wind energy systems designed for onsite home, farm, and small commercial use are recognized by the Legislature and the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission as an excellent technology to help achieve the goals of increased in-state electricity generation, reduced demand on the state electrical grid, increased consumer energy independence, and nonpolluting electricity generation.


It is the intent of the Legislature to encourage local agencies to support the state’s ambitious renewable energy procurement requirements by developing and adopting ordinances that facilitate the installation of small wind energy systems and do not unreasonably restrict the ability of homeowners, farms, and small businesses to install small wind energy systems in zones in which they are authorized by local ordinance.


It is the intent of the Legislature to facilitate the implementation of consistent statewide standards to achieve the timely and cost-effective installation of small wind energy systems.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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