CA Gov't Code Section 6527


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, where two or more health care districts have joined together to pool their self-insurance claims or losses, a nonprofit corporation that provides health care services that may be carried out by a health care district may participate in the pool, provided that its participation in an existing joint powers agreement, as authorized by this section, shall be permitted only after the public agency members, or public agency representatives on the governing body of the joint powers entity make a finding, at a public meeting, that the agreement provides both of the following:


The primary activities conducted under the joint powers agreement will be substantially related to and in furtherance of the governmental purposes of the public agency.


The public agency participants will maintain control over the activities conducted under the joint powers agreement through public agency control over governance, management, or ownership of the joint powers authority.


Any public agency or private entity entering into a joint powers agreement under this section shall establish or maintain a reserve fund to be used to pay losses incurred under the agreement. The reserve fund shall contain sufficient moneys to maintain the fund on an actuarially sound basis.


In any risk pooling arrangement created under this section, the aggregate payments made under each program shall not exceed the amount available in the pool established for that program.


A public meeting shall be held prior to the dissolution or termination of any enterprise operating under this section to consider the disposition, division, or distribution of any property acquired as a result of exercise of the joint exercise of powers.


Nothing in this section shall be construed to do any of the following:


Relieve a public benefit corporation that is a health facility from charitable trust obligations.


Exempt such a public benefit corporation from existing law governing joint ventures, or the sale, transfer, lease, exchange, option, conveyance, or other disposition of assets.


Grant any power to any private, nonprofit hospital that participates in an agreement authorized under this section to levy any tax or assessment.


Permit any entity, other than a private, nonprofit hospital corporation or a public agency, to participate as a party to an agreement authorized under this section.


Permit an agency or entity created pursuant to a joint powers agreement entered into pursuant to this section to act in a manner inconsistent with the laws that apply to public agencies, including, but not limited to, the California Public Records Act (Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 6250)), the Ralph M. Brown Act (Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 54950) of Part 1 of Division 2 of Title 5), and the Political Reform Act of 1974 (Title 9 (commencing with Section 81000)).


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Self-Insurers’ Security Fund established pursuant to Article 2.5 (commencing with Section 3740) of Chapter 4 of Part 1 of Division 4 of the Labor Code shall owe no duties or obligations to any entity that participates as a party to an agreement authorized pursuant to this section, or to its employees, and shall not be required, under any circumstances, to assume the worker’s compensation liabilities of this entity if it becomes insolvent or otherwise unable to pay those liabilities.


For purposes of this section, “self-insurance claims or losses” includes, but is not limited to, claims or losses incurred pursuant to Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 3700) of Part 1 of Division 4 of the Labor Code.
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