CA Gov't Code Section 6517.6


(1)Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter, the Department of General Services may enter into a joint powers agreement with any other public agency to finance the acquisition of real property authorized by Section 14015 and all costs incidental or related thereto. The joint powers agency or entity shall have the power to acquire office and parking facilities and to issue certificates of participation as determined by the Treasurer in accordance with Section 14015.


Upon the request of the department, the Treasurer is hereby further authorized to serve as treasurer of the joint powers agency established pursuant to this section and to serve as trustee or fiscal agent for the certificates of participation.


The department may lease property from, and enter into an agreement with, the joint powers agency or entity created pursuant to subdivision (a) to purchase real property and improvements thereon on behalf of the state for terms not exceeding 25 years.


The department shall provide the Legislature with a 30-day notification of intent to advertise for proposals pursuant to this section. The department shall further provide the Legislature and the California Transportation Commission with notification of intent to acquire the real property 30 days prior to the acquisition.


Following the acquisition and occupation of the real property being acquired, the Department of Transportation shall sell or cause to be sold the exisiting office building located at 150 Oak Street in the City and County of San Francisco. The proceeds of the sale shall be deposited in the State Highway Account in the State Transportation Fund to be used to reduce the amount to finance the acquired facility.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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