CA Gov't Code Section 64126

When the principal of and interest on bonds issued by the authority to finance the cost of a project or working capital or to refinance outstanding indebtedness of one or more project sponsors, including any refunding bonds issued to refund and refinance those bonds, have been fully paid and retired or when adequate provision has been made to fully pay and retire those bonds, and all other conditions of the resolution, the lease, the trust indenture and any mortgage or deed of trust, security interest, or any other instrument or instruments authorizing and securing the bonds have been satisfied and the lien of the mortgage, deed of trust, or security interest has been released in accordance with the provisions thereof, the authority shall promptly do all things and execute those releases, release deeds, reassignments, deeds, and conveyances necessary and required to convey or release any rights, title, and interest of the authority in the project so financed or refinanced, or securities or instruments pledged or transferred to secure the bonds, to the project sponsor or sponsors.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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