California Government Code

Sec. § 63074


Bonds may be authorized to finance a single project for a single sponsor or a participating party, a series of projects for a single sponsor or a participating party, a single project for several sponsors or participating parties, or several projects for several sponsors or participating parties.


Except as otherwise expressly provided by the bank, every issue of its bonds shall be payable from any revenues or other moneys of the bank available therefor and not otherwise pledged. These revenues or moneys may include the proceeds of additional bonds, subject only to any agreements with the holders of particular bonds pledging any particular revenues or moneys. Notwithstanding that the bonds may be payable from a special fund, these bonds shall be deemed to be negotiable instruments for all purposes.


Subject to the limitations in Section 63071, bonds may be issued in one or more series, may be issued as serial bonds or as term bonds or as a combination thereof. The bonds shall be authorized by resolution of the bank and shall, as provided by the resolution, bear the date of issuance, the time of maturity, which shall not exceed 50 years from the date of issuance, bear the rate or rates of interest, be payable at the time or times provided, be in the denominations provided, be in the form or forms provided, carry the registration privileges provided, be executed in the manner provided, be payable in lawful money of the United States, or other designated currency, at the place or places provided, and be subject to any terms of redemption provided therein.


Sale of the bonds of the bank or of a special purpose trust shall be coordinated by the Treasurer in accordance with Section 5702. The Treasurer shall sell the bonds within 90 days of receiving a certified copy of the resolution authorizing the sale of bonds, unless the board adopts a resolution extending the 90-day period.


The sale may be a public or private sale, and for any price or prices, and on any terms and conditions, as the bank determines proper, after giving due consideration to the recommendations of any special purpose trust and any sponsor to be assisted from the proceeds of the bonds. Pending preparation of definitive bonds, the Treasurer may issue interim receipts, certificates, or temporary bonds that shall be exchanged for definitive bonds.

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