CA Gov't Code Section 63041


Prior to submitting a project to the bank for consideration, the legislative body or bodies of the sponsor or sponsors of the project shall find, by resolution, each of the following:


The project is consistent with the general plan of both the city and county, or city and county in the case of San Francisco, or only the county for projects in unincorporated areas in which the project is located.


The proposed financing is appropriate for the specific project.


The project facilitates effective and efficient use of existing and future public resources so as to promote both economic development and conservation of natural resources. The project develops and enhances public infrastructure in a manner that will attract, create, and sustain long-term employment opportunities.


The project is consistent with the criteria, priorities, and guidelines for the selection of projects adopted pursuant to Section 63040.


Upon the adoption of the resolution in subdivision (a) by the legislative body, the legislative body shall transmit the resolution to the executive director of the infrastructure bank.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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