CA Gov't Code Section 6276.42

State agency activities relating to unrepresented employees, subdivision (p) of Section 6254. State agency activities relating to providers of health care, subdivision (a) of Section 6254. State Auditor, access to barred records, Section 8545.2. State Auditor, confidentiality of records, Sections 8545, 8545.1, and 8545.3. State civil service employee, confidentiality of appeal to state personnel board, Section 18952. State civil service employees, confidentiality of reports, Section 18573. State civil service examination, confidentiality of application and examination materials, Section 18934. State Compensation Insurance Fund, exemption from disclosure for various records maintained by the State Compensation Insurance Fund, subdivision (ad), Section 6254. State Contract Act, bids, questionnaires and financial statements, Section 10165, Public Contract Code. State Contract Act, bids, sealing, opening and reading bids, Section 10304, Public Contract Code. State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission, confidentiality of proprietary information submitted to, Section 25223, Public Resources Code. State hospital patients, information and records in possession of Superintendent of Public Instruction, confidentiality of, Section 56863, Education Code. State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, access to government agency records, Section 9723, Welfare and Institutions Code. State Long-Term Care Ombudsman office, confidentiality of records and files, Section 9725, Welfare and Institutions Code. State Long-Term Care Ombudsman office, disclosure of information or communications, Section 9715, Welfare and Institutions Code. State Lottery Evaluation Report, disclosure, Section 8880.46. State prisoners, exemption from disclosure for surveys by the California Research Bureau of children of female prisoners, Section 7443, Penal Code. State summary criminal history information, confidentiality of information, Sections 11105, 11105.1, 11105.3, and 11105.4, Penal Code. State Teachers’ Retirement System, confidentiality of information filed with the system by a member, participant, or beneficiary, Sections 22306 and 26215, Education Code. Sterilization of disabled, confidentiality of evaluation report, Section 1955, Probate Code. Strawberry marketing information, confidentiality of, Section 63124, Food and Agricultural Code. Structural pest control licensee records relating to pesticide use, confidentiality of, Section 15205, Food and Agricultural Code. Student driver, records of physical or mental condition, confidentiality of, Section 12661, Vehicle Code. Student, community college, information received by school counselor, confidentiality of, Section 72621, Education Code. Student, community college, records, limitations on release, Section 76243, Education Code. Student, community college, record contents, records of administrative hearing to change contents, confidentiality of, Section 76232, Education Code. Student, sexual assault on private higher education institution campus, confidentiality of information, Section 94385, Education Code. Student, sexual assault on public college or university, confidentiality of information, Section 67385, Education Code. Sturgeon egg processors, records, Section 10004, Fish and Game Code.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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