CA Gov't Code Section 6276.40

Sales and use tax, disclosure of information, Section 7056, Revenue and Taxation Code. Santa Barbara Regional Health Authority, exemption from disclosure for records maintained by the authority regarding negotiated rates for the California Medical Assistance Program, Section 14499.6, Welfare and Institutions Code. Savings association employees, disclosure of criminal history information, Section 6525, Financial Code. Savings associations, inspection of records by shareholders, Section 6050, Financial Code. School district governing board, disciplinary action, disclosure of pupil information, Section 35146, Education Code. School employee, merit system examination records, confidentiality of, Section 45274, Education Code. School employee, notice and reasons for hearing on nonreemployment of employee, confidentiality of, Sections 44948.5 and 44949, Education Code. School meals for needy pupils, confidentiality of records, Section 49558, Education Code. Sealed records, arrest for misdemeanor, Section 851.7, Penal Code. Sealed records, misdemeanor convictions, Section 1203.45, Penal Code. Sealing and destruction of arrest records, determination of innocence, Section 851.8, Penal Code. Search warrants, special master, Section 1524, Penal Code. Sex change, confidentiality of birth certificate, Section 103440, Health and Safety Code. Sex offenders, registration form, Section 290.021, Penal Code. Sexual assault forms, confidentiality of, Section 13823.5, Penal Code. Sexual assault counselor and victim, confidential communication, Sections 1035.2, 1035.4, and 1035.8, Evidence Code. Shorthand reporter’s complaint, Section 8010, Business and Professions Code. Small family day care homes, identifying information, Section 1596.86, Health and Safety Code. Social security number, applicant for driver’s license or identification card, nondisclosure of, Section 1653.5, Vehicle Code, and Section 6254.29. Social security number, official record or official filing, nondisclosure of, Section 9526.5, Commercial Code, and Sections 6254.27 and 6254.28. Social Security Number Truncation Program, Article 3.5 (commencing with Section 27300), Chapter 6, Part 3, Division 2, Title 3. Social security numbers within records of local agencies, nondisclosure of, Section 6254.29.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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