CA Gov't Code Section 6276.38

Radioactive materials, dissemination of information about transportation of, Section 33002, Vehicle Code. Railroad infrastructure protection program, disclosure not required for risk assessments filed with the Public Utilities Commission, the Director of Emergency Services, or the Office of Emergency Services, Section 6254.23. Real estate broker, annual report to Bureau of Real Estate of financial information, confidentiality of, Section 10232.2, Business and Professions Code. Real property, acquisition by state or local government, information relating to feasibility, subdivision (h), Section 6254. Real property, change in ownership statement, confidentiality of, Section 27280. Records described in Section 1620 of the Penal Code. Records of contract purchasers, inspection by public prohibited, Section 85, Military and Veterans Code. Records of persons committed to a state hospital pursuant to Section 4135 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. Registered public obligations, inspection of records of security interests in, Section 5060. Registration of exempt vehicles, nondisclosure of name of person involved in alleged violation, Section 5003, Vehicle Code. Rehabilitation, Department of, confidential information, Section 19016, Welfare and Institutions Code. Reinsurance intermediary-broker license information, confidentiality of, Section 1781.3, Insurance Code. Relocation assistance, confidential records submitted to a public entity by a business or farm operation, Section 7262. Rent control ordinance, confidentiality of information concerning accommodations sought to be withdrawn from, Section 7060.4. Report of probation officer, inspection, copies, Section 1203.05, Penal Code. Repossession agency licensee application, confidentiality of information, Sections 7503, 7504, and 7506.5, Business and Professions Code. Reproductive health facilities, disclosure not required for personal information regarding employees, volunteers, board members, owners, partners, officers, and contractors of a reproductive health services facility who have provided requisite notification, Section 6254.18. Residence address in any record of Department of Housing and Community Development, confidentiality of, Section 6254.1. Residence address in any record of Department of Motor Vehicles, confidentiality of, Section 6254.1, Government Code, and Section 1808.21, Vehicle Code. Residence and mailing addresses in records of Department of Motor Vehicles, confidentiality of, Section 1810.7, Vehicle Code. Residential care facilities, confidentiality of resident information, Section 1568.08, Health and Safety Code. Residential care facilities for the elderly, confidentiality of client information, Section 1569.315, Health and Safety Code. Resource families, identifying information, Section 16519.55, Welfare and Institutions Code. Respiratory care practitioner, professional competency examination reports, confidentiality of, Section 3756, Business and Professions Code. Restraint of trade, civil action by district attorney, confidential memorandum, Section 16750, Business and Professions Code. Reward by Governor for information leading to arrest and conviction, confidentiality of person supplying information, Section 1547, Penal Code. Safe surrender site, confidentiality of information pertaining to a parent or individual surrendering a child, Section 1255.7, Health and Safety Code.
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