CA Gov't Code Section 6276.28

Joint Legislative Ethics Committee, confidentiality of reports and records, Section 8953. Judicial candidates, confidentiality of communications concerning, Section 12011.5. Judicial proceedings, confidentiality of employer records of employee absences, Section 230.2, Labor Code. Jurors’ lists, lists of registered voters and licensed drivers as source for, Section 197, Code of Civil Procedure. Juvenile court proceedings to adjudge a person a dependent child of court, sealing records of, Section 389, Welfare and Institutions Code. Juvenile criminal records, dissemination to schools, Section 828.1, Welfare and Institutions Code. Juvenile delinquents, notification of chief of police or sheriff of escape of minor from secure detention facility, Section 1155, Welfare and Institutions Code. Labor dispute, investigation and mediation records, confidentiality of, Section 65, Labor Code. Lanterman-Petris-Short Act, mental health services recipients, confidentiality of information and records, mental health advocate, Sections 5540, 5541, 5542, and 5550, Welfare and Institutions Code. Law enforcement vehicles, registration disclosure, Section 5003, Vehicle Code. Legislative Counsel records, subdivision (m), Section 6254. Library circulation records and other materials, subdivision (i), Section 6254 and Section 6267. Life and disability insurers, actuarial information, confidentiality of, Section 10489.15, Insurance Code. Litigation, confidentiality of settlement information, Section 68513. Local agency legislative body, closed sessions, disclosure of materials, Section 54956.9. Local government employees, confidentiality of records and claims relating to group insurance, Section 53202.25. Local summary criminal history information, confidentiality of, Sections 13300 and 13305, Penal Code. Local agency legislative body, closed session, nondisclosure of minute book, Section 54957.2. Local agency legislative body, meeting, disclosure of agenda, Section 54957.5. Long-term health facilities, confidentiality of complaints against, Section 1419, Health and Safety Code. Long-term health facilities, confidentiality of records retained by State Department of Public Health, Section 1439, Health and Safety Code. Los Angeles County Tourism Marketing Commission, confidentiality of information obtained from businesses to determine their assessment, Section 13995.108.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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