CA Gov't Code Section 6276.26

Improper governmental activities reporting, confidentiality of identity of person providing information, Section 8547.5. Improper governmental activities reporting, disclosure of information, Section 8547.6. Industrial loan companies, confidentiality of financial information, Section 18496, Financial Code. Industrial loan companies, confidentiality of investigation and examination reports, Section 18394, Financial Code. Influenza vaccine, trade secret information and information relating to recipient of vaccine, Section 120155, Health and Safety Code. In forma pauperis litigant, rules governing confidentiality of financial information, Section 68511.3. Infrastructure information, exemption from disclosure for information voluntarily submitted to the Office of Emergency Services, subdivision (ab), Section 6254. In-Home Supportive Services Program, exemption from disclosure for information regarding persons paid by the state to provide in-home supportive services, Section 6253.2. Initiative, referendum, recall, and other petitions, confidentiality of names of signers, Section 6253.5. Insurance claims analysis, confidentiality of information, Section 1875.16, Insurance Code. Insurance Commissioner, confidential information, Sections 735.5, 1067.11, 1077.3, and 12919, Insurance Code. Insurance Commissioner, informal conciliation of complaints, confidential communications, Section 1858.02, Insurance Code. Insurance Commissioner, information from examination or investigation, confidentiality of, Sections 1215.7, 1433, and 1759.3, Insurance Code. Insurance Commissioner, writings filed with nondisclosure, Section 855, Insurance Code. Insurance fraud reporting, information acquired not part of public record, Section 1873.1, Insurance Code. Insurance licensee, confidential information, Section 1666.5, Insurance Code. Insurer application information, confidentiality of, Section 925.3, Insurance Code. Insurer financial analysis ratios and examination synopses, confidentiality of, Section 933, Insurance Code. Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery information, prohibition against disclosure, Section 45982, Revenue and Taxation Code. International wills, confidentiality of registration information filed with the Secretary of State, Section 6389, Probate Code. Intervention in regulatory and ratemaking proceedings, audit of customer seeking and award, Section 1804, Public Utilities Code. Investigation and security records, exemption from disclosure for records of the Attorney General, the Department of Justice, the Office of Emergency Services, and state and local police agencies, subdivision (f), Section 6254. Investigative consumer reporting agency, limitations on furnishing an investigative consumer report, Section 1786.12, Civil Code.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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