CA Gov't Code Section 6276.22

Gambling Control Act, exemption from disclosure for records of the California Gambling Control Commission and the Department of Justice, Sections 19819 and 19821, Business and Professions Code. Genetically Handicapped Persons Program, confidentiality of factor replacement therapy contracts, Section 125191, Health and Safety Code. Governor, correspondence of and to Governor and Governor’s office, subdivision (l), Section 6254. Governor, transfer of public records in control of, restrictions on public access, Section 6268. Grand jury, confidentiality of request for special counsel, Section 936.7, Penal Code. Grand jury, confidentiality of transcription of indictment or accusation, Section 938.1, Penal Code. Group Insurance, public employees, Section 53202.25. Guardianship, confidentiality of report regarding the suitability of the proposed guardian, Section 1543, Probate Code. Guardianship, disclosure of report and recommendation concerning proposed guardianship of person or estate, Section 1513, Probate Code.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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