CA Gov't Code Section 6276.18

Family Court, records, Section 1818, Family Code. Farm product processor license, confidentiality of financial statements, Section 55523.6, Food and Agricultural Code. Farm product processor licensee, confidentiality of grape purchases, Section 55601.5, Food and Agricultural Code. Fee payer information, prohibition against disclosure by Board of Equalization and others, Section 55381, Revenue and Taxation Code. Financial institutions, issuance of securities, reports and records of state agencies, subdivision (d), Section 6254. Financial statements of insurers, confidentiality of information received, Section 925.3, Insurance Code. Financial statements and questionnaires, of prospective bidders for the state, confidentiality of, Section 10165, Public Contract Code. Financial statements and questionnaires, of prospective bidders for California State University contracts, confidentiality of, Section 10763, Public Contract Code. Firearms, centralized list of exempted federal firearms licensees, disclosure of information compiled from, Sections 24850 to 24890, inclusive, Penal Code. Firearms, centralized list of dealers and licensees, disclosure of information compiled from, Sections 26700 to 26915, inclusive, Penal Code. Firearm license applications, subdivision (u), Section 6254. Firearm sale or transfer, confidentiality of records, Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 28050) of Division 6 of Title 4 of Part 6, Penal Code. Fishing and hunting licenses, confidentiality of names and addresses contained in records submitted to the Department of Fish and Game to obtain recreational fishing and hunting licenses, Section 1050.6, Fish and Game Code. Foreign marketing of agricultural products, confidentiality of financial information, Section 58577, Food and Agricultural Code. Forest fires, anonymity of informants, Section 4417, Public Resources Code. Foster homes, identifying information, Section 1536, Health and Safety Code. Franchise Tax Board, access to Franchise Tax Board information by the State Department of Social Services, Section 11025, Welfare and Institutions Code. Franchise Tax Board, auditing, confidentiality of, Section 90005. Franchises, applications, and reports filed with Commissioner of Corporations, disclosure and withholding from public inspection, Section 31504, Corporations Code. Fur dealer licensee, confidentiality of records, Section 4041, Fish and Game Code.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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