CA Gov't Code Section 6276.12

Conservatee, confidentiality of the conservatee’s report, Section 1826, Probate Code. Conservatee, estate plan of, confidentiality of, Section 2586, Probate Code. Conservatee with disability, confidentiality of report, Section 1827.5, Probate Code. Conservator, confidentiality of conservator’s birthdate and driver’s license number, Section 1834, Probate Code. Conservator, supplemental information, confidentiality of, Section 1821, Probate Code. Conservatorship, court review of, confidentiality of report, Section 1851, Probate Code. Consumer fraud investigations, access to complaints and investigations, Section 26509. Consumption or utilization of mineral materials, disclosure of, Section 2207.1, Public Resources Code. Contractor, evaluations and contractor responses, confidentiality of, Section 10370, Public Contract Code. Contractor, license applicants, evidence of financial solvency, confidentiality of, Section 7067.5, Business and Professions Code. Controlled Substance Law violations, confidential information, Section 818.7. Controlled substance offenders, confidentiality of registration information, Section 11594, Health and Safety Code. Cooperative Marketing Association, confidential information disclosed to conciliator, Section 54453, Food and Agricultural Code. Coroner, inquests, subpoena duces tecum, Section 27491.8. County aid and relief to indigents, confidentiality of investigation, supervision, relief, and rehabilitation records, Section 17006, Welfare and Institutions Code. County alcohol programs, confidential information and records, Section 11812, Health and Safety Code. County Employees’ Retirement, confidential statements and records, Section 31532. County mental health system, confidentiality of client information, Section 5610, Welfare and Institutions Code. County social services, investigation of applicant, confidentiality, Section 18491, Welfare and Institutions Code. County social services rendered by volunteers, confidentiality of records of recipients, Section 10810, Welfare and Institutions Code. County special commissions, disclosure of health care peer review and quality assessment records not required, Section 14087.58, Welfare and Institutions Code. County special commissions, disclosure of records relating to the commission’s rates of payment for publicly assisted medical care not required, Section 14087.58, Welfare and Institutions Code. Court files, access to, restricted for 60 days, Section 1161.2, Code of Civil Procedure. Court reporters, confidentiality of records and reporters, Section 68525. Court-appointed special advocates, confidentiality of information acquired or reviewed, Section 105, Welfare and Institutions Code. Crane employers, previous business identities, confidentiality of, Section 7383, Labor Code. Credit unions, confidentiality of investigation and examination reports, Section 14257, Financial Code. Credit unions, confidentiality of employee criminal history information, Section 14409.2, Financial Code. Criminal defendant, indigent, confidentiality of request for funds for investigators and experts, Section 987.9, Penal Code. Criminal offender record information, access to, Sections 11076 and 13202, Penal Code. Crop reports, confidential, subdivision (e), Section 6254. Customer list of chemical manufacturers, formulators, suppliers, distributors, importers, and their agents, the quantities and dates of shipments, and the proportion of a specified chemical within a mixture, confidential, Section 147.2, Labor Code. Customer list of employment agency, trade secret, Section 16607, Business and Professions Code. Customer list of telephone answering service, trade secret, Section 16606, Business and Professions Code.
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