CA Gov't Code Section 6276.10

Cancer registries, confidentiality of information, Section 103885, Health and Safety Code. Candidate for local nonpartisan elective office, confidentiality of ballot statement, Section 13311, Elections Code. Child abuse information, exchange by multidisciplinary personnel teams, Section 830, Welfare and Institutions Code. Child abuse report and those making report, confidentiality of, Sections 11167 and 11167.5, Penal Code. Child care liability insurance, confidentiality of information, Section 1864, Insurance Code. Child concealer, confidentiality of address, Section 278.7, Penal Code. Child custody investigation report, confidentiality of, Section 3111, Family Code. Child day care facility, nondisclosure of complaint, Section 1596.853, Health and Safety Code. Child health and disability prevention, confidentiality of health screening and evaluation results, Section 124110, Health and Safety Code. Child sexual abuse reports, confidentiality of reports filed in a contested proceeding involving child custody or visitation rights, Section 3118, Family Code. Child support, confidentiality of income tax return, Section 3552, Family Code. Child support, promise to pay, confidentiality of, Section 7614, Family Code. Childhood lead poisoning prevention, confidentiality of blood lead findings, Section 124130, Health and Safety Code. Children and families commission, local, confidentiality of individually identifiable information, Section 130140.1, Health and Safety Code. Cigarette tax, confidential information, Section 30455, Revenue and Taxation Code. Civil actions, delayed disclosure for 30 days after complaint filed, Section 482.050, Code of Civil Procedure. Closed sessions, document assessing vulnerability of state or local agency to disruption by terrorist or other criminal acts, subdivision (aa), Section 6254. Closed sessions, meetings of local governments, pending litigation, Section 54956.9. Colorado River Board, confidential information and records, Section 12519, Water Code. Commercial fishing licensee, confidentiality of records, Section 7923, Fish and Game Code. Commercial fishing reports, Section 8022, Fish and Game Code. Community care facilities, confidentiality of client information, Section 1557.5, Health and Safety Code. Community college employee, candidate examination records, confidentiality of, Section 88093, Education Code. Community college employee, notice and reasons for nonreemployment, confidentiality, Section 87740, Education Code.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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