CA Gov't Code Section 57376


If the newly incorporated city comprises territory formerly unincorporated, the city council shall, immediately following its organization and prior to performing any other official act, adopt an ordinance providing that all county ordinances previously applicable shall remain in full force and effect as city ordinances for a period of 120 days after incorporation, or until the city council has enacted ordinances superseding the county ordinances, whichever occurs first. However, if the Board of Supervisors of the County of Orange has adopted an ordinance or resolution, or both, pursuant to Section 50029 or 66484. 3 prior to the effective date of an incorporation of a city within that county, that ordinance or resolution shall not be repealed or superseded by the city until the county ordinance or resolution has been repealed or superseded by the board of supervisors of that county. If the county ordinance or resolution is repealed or superseded, then within 30 days of the effective date of the ordinance or resolution repealing or superseding the county ordinance or resolution, the city council shall enact a new ordinance or resolution conforming in all respects to the action taken by the county. The ordinance enacted by the city council immediately following its organization also shall provide that no city ordinance enacted within that 120-day period of time be deemed to supersede any county ordinance unless the city ordinance specifically refers to the county ordinance, and states an intention to supersede it. Enforcement of the continuing county ordinances in the incorporated area shall be by the city, except insofar as enforcement services are furnished in accordance with Section 57384.


In the event that the County of Orange and any city within that county have entered into a joint powers agreement for the purpose of constructing the bridges and major thoroughfares referred to in Sections 50029 and 66484.3, and if a newly incorporated city within that county comprises territory formerly unincorporated but within an area of benefit established pursuant to Section 66484.3, then the city shall comply in all respects with the agreement, including any subsequent modifications thereof, as if the city were a party thereto.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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