CA Gov't Code Section 56800

For any proposal that includes an incorporation, the executive officer shall prepare, or cause to be prepared by contract, a comprehensive fiscal analysis. This analysis shall become part of the report required pursuant to Section 56665. Data used for the analysis shall be from the most recent fiscal year for which data are available, preceding the issuances of the certificate of filing. When data requested by the executive officer in the notice to affected agencies are unavailable, the analysis shall document the source and methodology of the data used. The analysis shall review and document each of the following:


The costs to the proposed city of providing public services and facilities during the three fiscal years following incorporation in accordance with the following criteria:


When determining costs, the executive officer shall include all direct and indirect costs associated with the current provision of existing services in the affected territory. These costs shall reflect the actual or estimated costs at which the existing level of service could be contracted by the proposed city following an incorporation, if the city elects to do so, and shall include any general fund expenditures used to support or subsidize a fee-supported service where the full costs of providing the service are not fully recovered through fees. The executive officer shall also identify which of these costs shall be transferred to the new city that result in an administrative cost reduction to other agencies. In the analysis, the executive officer shall also review how the costs of any existing services compare to the costs of services provided in cities with similar populations and similar geographic size that provide a similar level and range of services and shall make a reasonable determination of the costs expected to be borne by the newly incorporated city.


When determining costs, the executive officer shall also include all direct and indirect costs of any public services that are proposed to be assumed by the new city and that are provided by state agencies in the area proposed to be incorporated.


The revenues of the proposed city during the three fiscal years following incorporation.


The effects on the costs and revenues of any affected local agency during the three fiscal years of incorporation.


Any other information and analysis needed to make the findings required by Section 56720.
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