CA Gov't Code Section 56740


No tidelands or submerged lands, as defined in subdivision (g), which are owned by the state or by its grantees in trust shall be incorporated into, or annexed to, a city, except lands which may be approved by the State Lands Commission.


If those tidelands or submerged lands are included within the boundaries of any territory proposed to be incorporated into, or annexed to, a city, a description of the boundaries, together with a map showing the boundaries, shall be filed with the State Lands Commission by the proponents of the incorporation or annexation. The filing with the State Lands Commission shall be made prior to the executive officer issuing a certificate of filing for the proposal.


The State Lands Commission shall approve or disapprove all portions of the boundaries located upon the tidelands or submerged lands. In making that determination, it shall, where feasible and appropriate, require any extensions of land boundaries of the city or proposed city to be at right angles to the general direction of the shoreline at each point of intersection of the shoreline with the land boundaries of the city or proposed city. However, in the interest of ensuring an orderly and equitable pattern of offshore boundaries, the State Lands Commission may establish angles and other courses for each offshore boundary it deems necessary considering any irregularity of the shoreline, other geographical features, the effect of incorporation or annexation of the offshore or submerged lands on the uplands of the city, or proposed city, and adjoining territory, and the existing and potential boundaries of other cities and of unincorporated communities.


Within 45 days after the filing of the boundary description and map with the State Lands Commission, the State Lands Commission shall make a determination of the proper offshore or submerged lands boundaries. That determination shall be final and conclusive. If the State Lands Commission does not make the determination within that time, the proposed offshore or submerged lands boundaries shall be deemed approved.


The State Lands Commission shall report its determination to the executive officer and to each affected city, affected county, affected district, or person, if any, that has filed the boundary description and map. Thereafter, filings and action may be taken pursuant to this part.


The local agency formation commission may review and make determinations as to all portions of the boundaries, other than those offshore or submerged lands boundaries.


“Submerged lands,” as used in this section, includes, but is not limited to, lands underlying navigable waters which are in sovereign ownership of the state whether or not those waters are subject to tidal influences.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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