Section 56332.5

If the commission does not have representation from independent special districts on January 1, 2001, the commission shall initiate proceedings for representation of independent special districts upon the commission if requested by independent special districts pursuant to this section. If an independent special district adopts a resolution proposing representation of independent special districts upon the commission, it shall immediately forward a copy of the resolution to the executive officer. Upon receipt of those resolutions from a majority of independent special districts within a county, adopted by the districts within one year from the date that the first resolution was adopted, the commission, at its next regular meeting, shall adopt a resolution of intention. The resolution of intention shall state whether the proceedings are initiated by the commission or by an independent special district or districts, in which case, the names of those districts shall be set forth. The commission shall order the executive officer to call and give notice of a meeting of the independent special district selection committee to be held within 15 days after the adoption of the resolution in order to appoint independent special district representation on the commission pursuant to Section 56332.
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