CA Gov't Code Section 56130

Voter approval within the territory, as required by Section 56129, shall be given at an election. The question submitted at the election shall identify the district, designate the kind of service to be furnished, identify the territory within which the service is proposed to be furnished, and state the name of the public utility presently authorized to furnish the gas or electric service within the territory.
The district shall not furnish the gas or electric service, as defined in subdivision (c) of Section 56129, within the territory unless the question of furnishing the gas or electric service has been submitted to the voters at an election called, held, and conducted within the territory and a majority of the votes cast upon the question are in favor of the service. The board of supervisors or the legislative body of the conducting district may submit the question at the election called upon the question of confirmation of an order of change of organization or reorganization, or the board of directors of the district may submit the question of the gas or electric service at a special election called after completion of the proceedings for a change of organization or a reorganization. The question of the service shall be submitted as a separate proposition at any election within the territory and shall be voted upon only by qualified voters within the territory. If the question is defeated at the election, for one year thereafter no petition requesting the gas or electric service may be filed and no new election called upon the question.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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