CA Gov't Code Section 56126

Upon request by the executive officer or the clerk of any county or district, the assessor of any city, county, or district shall furnish estimated assessed valuations, determined by the same methods and valuations used in preparing the last equalized assessment roll, in both of the following cases:


Where real property is owned by a public agency and no assessed value for that real property is shown on the roll.


Where a single assessment parcel shown on the last equalized assessment roll either:


Has been split into two or more parcels by reason of the sale or conveyance of any portion of the original assessment parcel.


Overlaps two or more counties, cities, districts, or election precincts, or any combination of those entities or precincts.
Any of these estimates shall be conclusively presumed to be assessed values for the purpose of this division, but shall be given no force or effect for other purposes.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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