CA Gov't Code Section 53398.51

Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions contained in this article shall govern the construction of this chapter.


“Affected taxing entity” means any governmental taxing agency which levied or had levied on its behalf a property tax on all or a portion of the property located in the proposed district in the fiscal year prior to the designation of the district, but not including any county office of education, school district, or community college district. An “affected taxing entity” may include a special district if the special district is providing any portion of the funding included in the infrastructure financing plan adopted pursuant to Section 53398.63. For the purposes of this section, “special district” means an agency of the state formed for the performance of governmental or proprietary functions within limited geographic boundaries, and shall not include a school district or community college district.


“County” means a county or a city and county.


“Debt” means any binding obligation to repay a sum of money, including obligations in the form of bonds, certificates of participation, long-term leases, loans from government agencies, or loans from banks, other financial institutions, private businesses, or individuals.


“Designated official” means the city or county engineer or other appropriate official designated pursuant to Section 53398.62.


(1)“District” means an enhanced infrastructure financing district.


An enhanced infrastructure financing district is a district within the meaning of Section 1 of Article XIIIA of the California Constitution.


“Enhanced infrastructure financing district” means a legally constituted governmental entity separate and distinct from the city or county that established it pursuant to this chapter for the sole purpose of financing public facilities or other projects as authorized by this chapter. An enhanced infrastructure financing district shall be a local agency for purposes of Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 54950).


“Landowner” or “owner of land” means any person shown as the owner of land on the last equalized assessment roll or otherwise known to be the owner of the land by the legislative body. The legislative body has no obligation to obtain other information as to the ownership of land, and its determination of ownership shall be final and conclusive for the purposes of this chapter. A public agency is not a landowner or owner of land for purposes of this chapter, unless the public agency owns all of the land to be included within the proposed district.


“Legislative body” means the city council or board of supervisors.


“Public financing authority” means the governing board of the district established pursuant to this chapter.
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