CA Gov't Code Section 53398.14

After receipt of a copy of the resolution of intention to establish a district, the official designated pursuant to Section 53398.13 shall prepare a proposed infrastructure financing plan. The infrastructure financing plan shall be consistent with the general plan of the city within which the district is located and shall include all of the following:


A map and legal description of the proposed district, which may include all or a portion of the district designated by the legislative body in its resolution of intention.


A description of the public facilities required to serve the development proposed in the area of the district, including those to be provided by the private sector, those to be provided by governmental entities without assistance under this chapter, those public improvements and facilities to be financed with assistance from the proposed district, and those to be provided jointly. The description shall include the proposed location, timing, and costs of the public improvements and facilities.


A finding that the public facilities provide significant benefits to the border development zone.


A financing section, which shall contain all of the following information:


A specification of the maximum portion of the incremental tax revenue of the city and of each affected taxing entity proposed to be committed to the district for each year during which the district will receive incremental tax revenue. The portion need not be the same for all affected taxing entities. The portion may change over time.


A projection of the amount of tax revenues expected to be received by the district in each year during which the district will receive tax revenues, including an estimate of the amount of tax revenues attributable to each affected taxing entity for each year.


A plan for financing the public facilities to be assisted by the district, including a detailed description of any intention to incur debt.


A limit on the total number of dollars of taxes that may be allocated to the district pursuant to the plan.


A date on which the district will cease to exist, by which time all tax allocation to the district will end. The date shall not be more than 30 years from the date on which the ordinance forming the district is adopted pursuant to Section 53398.20.


An analysis of the costs to the city of providing facilities and services to the area of the district while the area is being developed and after the area is developed. The plan shall also include an analysis of the tax, fee, charge, and other revenues expected to be received by the city as a result of expected development in the area of the district.


An analysis of the projected fiscal impact of the district and the associated development upon each affected taxing entity.


If any dwelling units occupied by persons or families of low or moderate income are proposed to be removed or destroyed in the course of private development or public works construction within the area of the district, a plan providing for replacement of those units and relocation of those persons or families consistent with the requirements of Section 53398.5.
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