CA Gov't Code Section 53356.1


As a cumulative remedy, if debt is outstanding, the legislative body may, not later than four years after the due date of the last installment of principal thereof, order that any delinquent special taxes levied in whole or in part for payment of the debt, together with any penalties, interest, and costs, be collected by an action brought in the superior court to foreclose the lien of special tax.


The legislative body may, by resolution, adopted prior to the issuance of debt under this chapter, covenant for the benefit of debtholders to commence and diligently pursue any foreclosure action regarding delinquent installments of any amount levied as a special tax, in whole or in part, for the payment of interest or principal of any debt that is incurred, and, at any time may assign the causes of action arising from the foreclosure to a trustee or joint powers authority to do so on behalf of the debtholders. The resolution may specify a deadline for commencement of the foreclosure action and any other terms and conditions the legislative body determines reasonable regarding the foreclosure action.


Except as provided in Section 53356.6, all special taxes, interest, penalties, costs, fees, and other charges that are delinquent at the time of the ordering of a foreclosure action shall be collected in the action. In the event that a lot or parcel of property has not been sold pursuant to judgment in the foreclosure action at the time that subsequent special taxes become delinquent, the court may include the subsequent special taxes, interest, penalties, costs, fees, and other charges in the judgment or modified judgment.


For purposes of financing delinquent special taxes pursuant to Section 26220 of the Government Code, the legislative body may act as if it were a board of supervisors.


Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, no trustee or joint powers authority shall be obligated to accept the tender of bonds in satisfaction of any obligation arising from a delinquent special tax, although either may do so if authorized to do so by the legislative body.


An action to determine the validity of any bonds issued, any joint powers agreement entered into, and any related agreements entered into, by a joint powers agency acting pursuant to this section may be brought by the joint powers agency pursuant to Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 860) of Title 10 of Part 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure. Any appeal from a judgment in the action shall be commenced within 30 days after entry of judgment.
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