CA Gov't Code Section 51284.1


When a landowner petitions a board or council for the tentative cancellation of a contract and when the board or council accepts the application as complete pursuant to Section 65943, the board or council shall immediately mail a notice to the Director of Conservation. The notice shall include all of the following:


A copy of the petition.


A copy of the contract.


A general description, in text or by diagram, of the land that is the subject of the proposed cancellation.


The deadline for submitting comments regarding the proposed cancellation. That deadline shall be consistent with the Permit Streamlining Act (Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 65920) of Division 1 of Title 7), but in no case less than 30 days prior to the scheduled action by the board or council.


The board or council shall send that information to the assessor that is necessary to describe the land subject to the proposed cancellation. The information shall include the name and address of the landowner petitioning the cancellation.


The Director of Conservation shall review the proposed cancellation and submit comments to the board or council by the deadline specified in paragraph (4) of subdivision (a). Any comments submitted shall advise the board or council on the findings required by Section 51282 with respect to the proposed cancellation.


Prior to acting on the proposed cancellation, the board or council shall consider the comments by the Director of Conservation, if submitted.


The board or council may include the cancellation valuation, if available, of the land as part of the completed petition sent to the director.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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